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Deer Resistant Plants

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These lists are a compilation of the sources listed at the end of the guide.  It is important to keep in mind that climate and regional differences may influence actual results.  If forced by extreme food shortage conditions, deer will eat nearly any plant.

Plants Found to be Highly Deer Resistant
Shrubs & Trees

American Bittersweet Common Sassafras Kousa Dogwood
American Holly Corkscrew Willow Mugo Pine
Austrian Pine Drooping Leucothoe Norway Spruce
Barberry English Hawthorne Paper Birch
Beautybush European Beech Pitch Pine
Chinese Holly European White Birch Red Osier Dogwood
Chinese Juniper  (green) Flowering Dogwood Red Pine
Chinese Juniper (blue) Forsythia Redvein Enkianthus
Colorado Blue Spruce Honey Locust Russian Olive
Common Barberry Inkberry Holly Scots Pine
Common Boxwood Japanese Pieris White Spruce
Common Lilac Japanese Wisteria  
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