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Coalition for Animals (CFA) is a 501 (c) (3), community-based non-profit organization with a  mission for all people to  "Evolve to Non-Violence".
Reflector Campaign

Dear Merchant or interested sponsor:

  Coalition for Animals’ are soliciting businesses for money to install Strieter-Lite highway warning reflector system in Hillsborough. Strieter-Lite roadside wildlife reflectors have reduced animal-vehicle collisions from 60 to 90 percent and in some locations of New Jersey 100% reduction has been noted. We are installing these wildlife reflectors in the high auto/deer accident areas of Hillsborough along the State, County and Township Roads.

  Wildlife warning highway reflectors are designed for installation along the edges of roadways to divert headlights of approaching vehicles at right angles into the surrounding terrain. The purpose of the reflector is to reflect light from the headlights of moving vehicles, thereby preventing wildlife from crossing the road until the vehicle has passed. The reflectors consist of a plastic housing, which contains two reflective mirrors with plastic torical elements, which reflect light from approaching traffic traveling in one or two directions into the adjoining roadsides. You can learn more about the Strieter-Lite Reflectors by going to their web site at

  Coalition for Animals (CFA) is a 501(c) (3); community based non-profit organization. CFA acts as an umbrella organization for a number of grass-root groups for networking and sharing resources. CFA strives to educate, promote respect and protection for all sentient creatures, wild and domestic, local and global. We advocate a humane lifestyle and sharing the environment with all animals in peace and harmony. All contributions for the wildlife reflectors and signs are tax-deductible.

  We are talking about saving lives, preventing property damage and lowering insurance claims. Strieter-Lite statistics show that many more accidents could be prevented if their product was used.  If there was even one less accident because Strieter-Lite reflectors were installed, the product would certainly pay for itself.

These reflectors are less expensive compared to the cost of auto collisions and the cost of removing dead deer from the side of the road as well as less calls for the Police Department to respond to. Strieter-Lite wildlife reflectors each cost $18.00.

Approximately 200 reflectors are required to install one mile. We are asking for your support to donate any amount of money toward purchasing and installing reflectors. The average cost for purchasing and installing one mile of reflectors is approximately $7,000. - $9,000.

  For an additional cost, (not to exceed $60.00) your company’s name could be printed on a shared “recognition” sign. This sign could be installed at the beginning or at the end of the reflector site on County Roads.

  Hunterdon County and Bridgewater each will be installing a third site this year. Essex County has five sites and has put up many more sites with their “Adopt A Highway” program. The County, through the Adopt A Highway Program, is soliciting businesses for ten additional roads. This means these townships endorse the effectiveness of these reflectors.

  The New Jersey Turnpike Authority installed Strieter-Lite Reflectors in 1999, to ensure the safety of its patrons and NJ’s wildlife. The system was evaluated over a two-year period, between September 1999 and March 2001, to determine its effectiveness. There were zero collisions, a 100% reduction rate. The NJ Turnpike Authority developed a cost/benefit analysis for a 20-year period.

  In addition, a 19-page independent statistical analysis of the effectiveness of Strieter-Lite Wild Animal Highway Warning Reflector System was compiled on 53 sites located in Canada and the United States including New Jersey. Examining the reported rate of accidents before and after the installation of the reflectors, the analysis shows the reflectors are effective.

  Your support would go a long way toward helping our town of Hillsborough reduce auto/deer collisions.

If you would like to discuss the proposal further or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us at (908) 369-0604.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.