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The My Life Foundation

A Foundation Inspired By My Life Experiences....

 Our Mission -

We will accomplish our mission to become the go-to foundation for philanthropic resources, providing a network of support to organizations that have inspired me based on my life experiences. 

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 Our Founder -

 "Most of my life was centered around trying to come up with different ways to give back to the community based on my past experiences.  With several attempts I ended up with very few resources and the growing pains from my life experiences.  Through my trials and tribulations, I was left with dreams, visions and goals that ultimately became my vehicle of growth.  I created The My Life Foundation because I believe that I can still make a difference.  The difference that was needed for me during my life experiences.  No matter how small or how large, if someone is given encouragement and a helping hand, that's my difference.  It is my goal that The My Life Foundation will be a vehicle to help humanity reach greater heights despite their environment or their immediate circumstances.

L'erin D. Rolle
The My Life Foundation

1 (814) 808-LIFE 

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