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Coalition for Animals Sets Up Library Display

Anti-Circus Display set up for the month of April 2003 
in the Hillsborough, NJ Library.  Check with your local library as they are always looking for new and interesting displays and it is a great way to get the word out.  Contact Coalition for Animals for more information on the setting up a display.

Coalition for Animals Unveils Anti-Circus Billboard

Coalition for Animals with the help of SORT unveiled the Animal Protection Institute billboard "The Cruelest Show On Earth" to encourage people not to attend circuses this summer.

The billboard was place on May 30th
, 2002 on northbound Route 206 (north of the railroad), in Hillsborough.

We hope that the billboard will encourage potential circus patrons not to attend these shows that are so cruel to the animals who are forced to perform. Performing captive wildlife endure years of physical and psychological pain and suffering in traveling acts to "entertain" an uninformed audience. Animals used in the circus travel thousands of miles each year without water, in railroad cars or trucks not air-conditioned in summer or heated in winter. These performing animals do not receive the proper care, nutrition, and environmental enrichment required for their well-being. For the animals, it is a pathetic life filled with deprivation, stress, cruelty, confinement, terror, loneliness, and boredom. The unnatural acts animals perform are out of fear and intimidation. It is no wonder that scores of people have been injured or killed after a wild animal finally "snaps" after years of abuse.

The Animal Protection Institute is a national animal advocacy organization with 90-thousand members, including nearly 4600 in New Jersey.

For more information on circuses visit the  Animal Protection Institute
For further information on the billboard program visit the 
Animal Protection Institute billboard page.