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Farm Animals have a real chance of a better life...We need your help!

Please write letters and/or call for these two very important issues.
If someone does not know who their State Legislators are, you can find out by visiting Each district has one State Senator and two State Assembly representatives.
Please contact them and urge them to support or co-sponsor bill A. 1948.
Across the U.S., hundreds of thousands of baby calves are chained by the neck in crates where they are confined so tightly that they cannot walk, turn around, or even lie down comfortably. This is where they spend their entire lives. Calves raised for veal are fed an all liquid diet, which is deficient in iron and fiber in order to produce anemia and the pale colored meat sold as veal. NJ State Assemblywoman Loretta Weinberg has introduced legislation (A. 1948) to prohibit the inhumane production of crated, anemic veal in New Jersey. This measure has been referred to the Assembly Agriculture committee. Please urge your state representatives to support this legislation.

In 1996, the New Jersey legislature directed the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to develop “standards for the humane raising, keeping, care and treatment m marketing and sale of domestic livestock” within six months. Six years later, these humane standards remain unfinished.


Please ask them to contact the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to urge the department to draft meaningful humane standards that prohibit inhumane factory farming practices. Cruel practices that have been outlawed in other countries and that should be banned in New Jersey include veal crates, gestation crates (for breeding pigs) and battery cages (for egg laying hens).

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Special Alert: When you see articles in magazines and newpapers promoting animal experiments, please mail or fax them to PCRM, Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine 5100 Wisconsin Avenue, N.W. Suite 400, Washington, DC 20016
Fax: 202-686-2216
If PCRM receives them rapidly enough, they have an opportunity to respond.